Litigation PR

Crisis PR and reputation management in difficult times

We defend your reputation in the court of public opinion.  For quite some time now the courts are not the sole arbiters of innocence or guilt. In the media, they don’t hang around waiting for court verdicts. If a “no comment” is not going to be enough, you can count on us.

Litigation PR means professional, legally-reliable communication in legal dealings. We get together with your counsel to present complex situations in a media-proof way – we put your viewpoint across to the public. There are many well-known companies and institutions in the past years who have benefited from our tactically smart, economical use of communications to navigate safely through legal dealings while protecting their reputation.

Not only before but also during and after the legal negotiations you will benefit from our support focusing on strategic publicity.


We are ready to support you as soon as the first accusations are levelled: we analyse media risks, we sketch out likely scenarios, we produce documentation and we provide media training to equip you and your counsel for your day in court.

Courtroom PR

We cover all media releases while court proceedings are ongoing. We will guide you not only through complex civil cases but also through high-profile criminal proceedings, sharing the efforts you will be making to achieve amicable consensus. We can act as a sparring partner for you, we can be your strategic advisers or we can be your official Press representatives.

Reputation management

Not only in the course of legal negotiations but also in hindsight, we will be monitoring to see how your good name is faring. We will intervene wherever necessary, and support you on the route back to business as usual.

Do not wait any longer to set up a meeting that implies no further obligations: office@gaisberg.eu


Financial Scandal

An international investor buys an Austrian company which faced tumultuous times in the course of a financial scandal. Thousands of investors feel deceived by the company, two large class action law suits take place. The investor makes intensive efforts to go through with the claims and finally reaches a settlement with the class action law suits’ plaintiffs, from which thousands of investors benefit. Gaisberg Consulting supported the investor in the communicative processing of the financial scandal and the clear distinction from the former owner.

Celebrity Trial

In the process of coming to terms with a major financial scandal, one of the country's most prominent politicians as well as some of his closest colleagues are targeted by the judiciary. The press extensively covers the case. Although no monetary enrichment could be evidenced, the court passes a negative verdict. The politician resigns, the media debates the appropriateness of the verdict. Gaisberg Consulting supported the leading politician during difficult times of communication.

Damage to Reputation

After anonymous reports and intensive political debates, a regional top manager is forced to resign from his position as board director. A judicial review takes place. After years of lawsuits, including extensive media coverage, he is finally acquitted of all allegations. Gaisberg Consulting supported the manager in his public rehabilitation.

Criminal Trial

An international rail company has had to go to court in a foreign country in the wake of a fatal train accident. Top management members are amongst those personally accused. The proceedings will attract news headlines throughout Europe, threatening the whole company’s reputation as perceived by many stakeholders. How can the company secure the best publicity for itself in the foreign country’s court? What message is it sending out to its customers at home and abroad? Finally: how is it possible to protect a company’s reputation when it comes to the verdict?

Million Lawsuit

An Austrian bank sues a large Austrian municipality for compensation. The municipality claims to have received bad advice and also sues. The result is a complex, drawn-out civil process that goes on for years and a permanent public discussion that is a challenge for both parties involved. How can the bank explain its legal position to its customers and the public, and thereby continue daily business without impairment?

Anonymous charges

The managing director of a large NGO unexpectedly finds himself confronted with massive accusations. He is said to have misused company property, abused staff for private work and sexually harassed employees, according to a journalist, who refers to a leaked charge of the corruption prosecutors. Our client is not familiar with this charge, and he has never heard of these accusations. He knows that nothing about this charge is true. But he also knows that this charge will lead to a long investigation and further media inquiries. How should he react?