Gaisberg Crisis Simulator

How crisis-ready are you?

Is your organisation ready to meet a crisis? Gaisberg Consulting offers you the opportunity to find out for yourself.

For many years, we have supported several renowned national and international clients in challenging situations such as insolvencies, criminal attacks, layoffs or data loss. The essence of our experience is: You better get prepared before a crisis happens.

Gaisberg Consulting introduces a new software-tool in Austria that enables you to challenge and test your crisis communication capacities. The Gaisberg Crisis Simulator combines the requirements of a traditional media crisis with the new challenges of social media.

We develop true-to-life crisis scenarios, simulate inquiries from media outlets, stage a shitstorm on Facebook and challenge you with an avalanche of tweets. During this training, participants are expected to develop an appropriate communication strategy together with swift execution of the respective measures. Players can publish press releases, posts or tweets – true-to-life and in real-time but in a safe environment.

Accept the challenge – before you get challenged!

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